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Core Activities


I teach three classes each semester at SUNY Plattsburgh.  My core classes and areas of expertise are:

  • Environmental Management

  • Environmental Leadership

  • Sustainability

  • Environmental Law & Policy

  • Environment & Society


My research focuses on decision making for sustainability and environmental leadership.  In other words, how individuals, organizations, businesses, government agencies and society at large plan for and make choices about how to use and protect natural resources.  Themes often explored in my research include structured decision making, conflict management, negotiation, collaboration and participatory process. I frequently employ mixed methodological approaches that integrate quantitative and qualitative techniques. Recent project contexts include:

  • organic farms and cooperatives

  • municipal electric utilities and governments

  • lake management and funding networks

  • university adminstration

  • international federal credit rating agencies

Outreach & Service

I frequently provide guidance and training to government agencies, nongovernmental organizations and private firms on topics related to environmental decision making, policy and planning.  Often this work involves students and is incorporated into classes or research projects. Recent clients include:


  • Bombardier Aerospace

  • Ticonderoga Pride

  • Fledging Crow Organic Vegetables

  • Institute for Georgia Environmental Leadership

  • Environmental Protection Agency

  • Ausable River Association

  • Lake Champlain Basin Program

  • City of Plattsburgh Planning Board

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